Updated 06/06/2012

Team Cunningstunts Racing (TCR) is proudly supported by:


RHOK are the Australian suppliers, designers and manufacturers of High End carbon fibre helmets, kevlar jeans, gloves and the new Molten Rhok Wheel illuminating system….. and this is just the beginning!







Data Flow Pty Ltd is a Canberra owned IT consultant company specialising in Microsoft and IBM Lotus technologies.  Data Flow was established in the year 2000 and primarily focuses it work on the Federal Government sector.  Data Flow takes a keen interest in motorsport and are happy to support a racer such as Jarrad.  If you would like to contact the director please send an email to: peterc@data-flow.com.au



Thanks to Rick Cary from Ben Boyd B&B for his continued support. Should you wish to make a booking for a Motorcycle tour and or a place to stay that is biker friendly, please contact Rick at silentp5@bigpond.com



RatedR has been operating since 2005 specializes in unique aftermarket accessories for today's high performance sports bikes. Products range from frame and engine sliders, to LED lighting, billet aluminium parts and Nitrous Kits.  RatedR pride themselves on great customer service and they will do their best to help with your sportsbike needs.



Starting life as JonnoWalmsley.com, Stuntd Photography and web has captured some great images of The Cunningstunts team at various events. With Photography taking a back seat for a while, Jonno from Stuntd would be happy to assist with any of your web design or consultation needs. Visit www.stuntd.net.au or email Jonno at jonno@stuntd.net.au for further information.
Mark has been a Carpenter/Builder in Canberra for the last 30+years. Being a born and bred farm boy from Grenfell NSW he has a very high work ethic and his handywork is second to none.
Mark has raced motorcycles himself so is one of our more enthusiastic and active sponsors, often attending track meets to offer further assistance and support.

As with all sponsors, his support is greatly appreciated and we'd like to thank Mark for coming on board as a financial sponsor for the 2009 season. We look forward to building a long standing and mutal benefical relationship with him.

Should you have a need for someone to build a high quality house or perform your renovation Mark will give you the same hard working, caring attitude he has shown to our team and is a professional amongst professionals. Please contact Mark on 0442 288 189 or mark.dykes@three.com.au.


Mick's Fix Leather Repairs is the result of eleven years of experience in this industry.

While recovering from a spinal injury in 2000 Mick was lucky enough to have the opportunity to acquire the skills he uses today.  He learnt to repair motorcycle race leathers and build body armour in Brisbane.  Part of a team servicing the Queensland Racing fraternity by having a mobile workshop trackside, as well as a small well equipped workshop in the suburbs.  

2011 started with the Brisbane River breaking its banks, this kept Mick from the first race meeting of the year, The Island Classic.  The make-up of this year’s calendar meant Mick couldn't attend all the rounds of the MRRDA like last year, nor could he make myself available for any of the "one day" events of the PCRA or St George Clubs.

In 2011 Mick started his FaceBook page which has turned out to be very good for business.  There you can take a look at Mick’s work, see where he’s been, and who he’s done work for and even leave a comment.  Handy for potential customers who might want to see or read what others might have to say about Mick’s work.




Team Cunningstunts Racing (TCR) sends special thanks to:

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