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UPDATE - 2011

Welcome back peeps!

This update has been a long time in the making. Bear with me whilst we run through the series of events that has led to this point.

Those that had been following my progress would note that things have been pretty quiet on the racing front. I am now supported by DataFlow (Peter ‘Clemmo’ Clemence) after my first stint at racing went quite well.

 In fact, it went a lot better than any of us expected. Having spent a few years doing track days but no racing of any form, entering the modified 1000cc class was a big call. Whilst the GSXR1000 built by PTR of VIC was my dream bike in every way, I did not have the budget to run the bike as often as you need to at this level. To get the most from the Ohlins suspension, slicks and so forth, really requires a lot of time riding to setup and I thought a change of class was called for.... Unhappily, because the potential was definitely there, I just couldn’t get enough time on the bike to make the most of it!

So during 2010, having been encouraged by some Top 5 results at EC and a class win and top 10 result for the 2009 WP 4 hr enduro I bit the bullet and decided to switch classes. The search for an appropriate steed began and we decided to enter a GSXR600 into the Superstock class. Racing in this class is a lot closer and for me personally, with cheaper running costs, ease of setup with stock suspension should see some good results.

I entered the August 2011 Wakefield Park 4 hr Enduro within a 2 man team to get more time on the bike over a 3-4 rider team. I’d had very little time on the bike even though the bugs we’d found prior had been fixed, just not tested. The race itself was full of drama and cut short due to a massive accident requiring about 1hr spent under safety car conditions. My team mate had also crashed earlier (not seriously thankfully) so after both of us pushing hard for the rest of the day we came home 2nd in class, 14th outright.

We are hoping to finish out the season with the Formula Xtreme Series entering either the WP or EC round. Since this season is almost over we will use these few races to prepare for next season with this bike and see if we can’t stir up the field a little  :)

Peace out

Jarrad (J-rad)


Hello Everyone!!

We’ve all returned from a successful weekend riding the 2 days over 6/7 June long weekend. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to use the time I had to better effect due to an outstanding amount of crashes on Saturday (18 in total – normally 8 is a lot!), flat tyres and similar issues on Sunday cut down our time significantly. . . .

Saturday’s weather was picture perfect! Beautiful clear skies and a clean/dry track meant hope where high, right to the point where I picked up a puncture in my brand new rear slick! Tipping into T1 did not feel right but I had been pushing harder and deeper into there each lap so was thinking is this just the way it feels with the extra speed or is there a problem with the bike? Turns out there were a problem and I was very lucky to keep it upright at 200+ into and through T1! The bolt damaged the hugger, gouged out metal on the swing arm and finally was laid to rest as it smashed into the back/lower side of the fairing and came out of the tyre….grrrrrrrr

I was forced to buy a new tyre as I didn’t really have any decent spares and wanted to ride all weekend so without it I’d have missed out. I had booked a coach from RACELOGIC who was unable to make it on the day so the costs sort of transferred across so didn’t cost me extra as such, but now I don’t get any coaching! Got back out and set some ok times being very consistent between the 1:44-1:45 mark.

We retired to ‘The Vines Cottages’ to a warm fire, BBQ, drinks and good company to share it all with. Very surprised that despite it being my birthday that I didn’t wind up in the pool! Thank god since it was so cold…..if anyone is looking for accommodation to suit large group bookings then I can highly recommend them!

We greeted with dark, rainy clouds first thing Sunday morning so off to the track to get racing wets installed. Being my first time out on full wets I was very apprehensive and took it very carefully for first couple of laps but soon was getting the times and even the knee down!! Having grip on a wet, shiney surface was surreal…I got 1 session before the track started to dry so another quick tyre change (really need those spare rims) back to slicks and immediately down to 1:43s-1:44s until the next and 3rd session when I got a flat FRONT TYRE ARRRGGGGHH!!!!! It wasn’t punctured but went from 30PSI down to 18 in an instant, again through T1/T2 nearly sending me off on both corners.

Limped back to the pits and put more air into it and it stayed pressurised for the rest of the day, unfortunately I was a little worried it would happen again so spent the next 3 sessions doing 1:44-1:46s again but at least the lap time sheet was very very consistent and encouraging for race day.

We now have to re-lock wire some of the bits and perform an oil/filter change to ensure that the clutch is holding up to the abuse but essentially bike is ready, practice and race entry booked and getting very excited!

A BIG thanks to all that helped on the day! Cheers to Mick from MotoRacer for putting up with constantly changing my tyres across the whole weekend, that tyre changing machine is starting to look better and better everyday!

A special thanks must go to:
Glen Hunt for preparing the bike and doing a top notch job, without him it would’ve taken so much longer and would look a damned site messier! Also to Peter Clemence/Dataflow and Mark Dykes Carpentry for their continued support both on and off the track and to Steve from RatedR Parts who has come on board as the teams latest sponsor and has supplied engine cover protection amongst other things > A VERY BIG THANKYOU TO YOU ALL!

Next update will be right before the race when I tell you all just how excited/nervous I really am!

Signing off
Jarrad Houghton


Well folks it’s that time again — a quick update on what the race team is up to!

It has been fairly quiet on the riding front this past month. We are trying to manage costs and keep funds in the bank account for the upcoming month of practice and start of racing however ‘Black Beauty’ (my 05/06 GSXR1000) has had a bit of a freshen up.

Glen Hunt installed new clutch parts and all went well. Hats off to Glen for completing this task in record time. Peter from ‘DataFlow’ will attend StuntSkills with myself and the rest of the Cunningstunts Crew and we will run the new clutch parts in as well as practising a few race starts. I will need to dump the oil and inspect but after the modifications Glen made to the Slipper Clutch housing there should be no issues.

We will start work on all the lock wiring that needs to be done shortly and then it’s pretty well ready for race day! Otherwise at the moment its all about finishing the bike, getting some practice in and continuing training. We have been getting punished in ‘Boot Camp’ style training sessions but loving every minute of it.

The whole crew is ramping up for our 2 day practice weekend 6/7 June. Formula Extreme Series have a race meet the following weekend so hopefully we’ll see some of the guys out practising the week we’re riding and maybe learn a thing or two!

Will also try and make practice on 24 May so if anyone else is keen for a ride let me know!

So until next month – keep safe, rug up over winter and I'll see you at the track!

Jarrad Houghton


Hi guys and girls!

It’s my intention to write regularly here to keep you all updated on our Teams Progress but also talk about the experiences of going through your rookie season.

So let me first thank you for viewing our site and I hope your stay here is a informative and enjoyable visit!

Like many of us motorcycle riders I have harboured thoughts of racing bikes. I guess it was kinda bred into me you could say, with a few racers in my family, namely my dad who continues to ride and show his support for me to do the same.

For some dreams of racing don’t come until you’ve been able to get your license, move out of home from over protective parents and saved enough for your first bike to get out there however for me it started much younger on dirt bikes followed by 10yrs on road bikes and now it’s time to realise the dream > and attend my first race!

It all came about pretty quickly really, having bought the bike and having some issues in 2008 I had to postpone my intentions until 2009 > I’ve waited just a little while to do this so what’s another year. . . which was spent preparing, training etc but not much riding. Only a few days in the middle of the year and came out at Eastern Creek at 1:44s reasonably consistently, down to 1:42s the next month but still not enough time on the bike to really gauge where I’m at exactly. Throw a few wet track days in, fallen riders and cancelled sessions and I’m really getting that itch!

Now that I’m confirmed for the Honda RJAYs Rnd2 I will be having a bit more time on the bike so if you see a Cunningstunts shirt (there will be a few of us :o) drop in and say Hi!

So not a heck of a lot to report at this time, Jonathan Walmsley from Stunt*d Photography has long since joined the Team Cunningstunts fold and has produced some excellent photo’s on this site and I thank him for taking time out to attend my meets. We should get some great framed shots for all sponsors for end of year gifts.

A VERY big thanks to Peter and Data Flow as without their support we may have missed this season altogether and been waiting another year before being able to commit. Cheers Peter, I’ll have some free passes to throw your way! Another quick mention must go out to Rick Carey of the Ben Boyd Bed & Breakfast at Bibbenluke, if you’re ever riding out that way be sure to stay at a friendly biker place with someone who knows the roads and can pretty well throw around any bike!

Well that’s enough dribble from me for my first visit here, rest assured, MA license is on the way, event entry soon after then it’s time to finish the race prepping on the GSXR, not much left but a few rule changes and some extra plumbing is required.

Peace Out!



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